About Us

What do an Iranian, a Nigerian and an Englishman have in common?

We are the three founders of Blogsalacart.com and we all live and work together in the coastal town of Antalya, South West Turkey.

Every blog that’s crafted here, and we do mean crafted, is put together by the three of us.

Sajjad is our insightful and doggedly determined researcher, Patrick is our SEO alchemist with 12 plus years of experience, and I, Josh, do the writing. My experience as a professional copywriter and content writer is wide and varied.

Brought to Turkey by completely different circumstances the three of us found that we have complementary skills that make for a very efficient and effective full-service Blogging Company.

Our Process Is As Follows

When we receive a brief from a client we first study it carefully together.

Patrick our SEO specialist then does careful keyword research so that we can narrow down the focus of the article and ensure that it will be written with a proper SEO foundation in place.

We work with the client to ensure that these keywords will be the ones that will attract the right target audience.

Sajjad then painstakingly compiles relevant articles from many sources.

I then take this research and spend considerable time creating, writing and, most importantly, rewriting a draft for the customer’s approval.

The article then comes back to me for any necessary editing.

After that, it goes into the hands of Patrick for layout, the addition of graphics and meta-tagging and then after one final approval from the client, publishing.

What Can You Expect When You Work With Us?

Our blend of skills and our efficient but thorough way of working delivers great value.

You will have an original content, compellingly well written, and error-free article published online within a few days of your order.

You will find that our communication is prompt, courteous and crystal clear.

Our pricing is affordable because we are modest living people and we live and work in Turkey where the cost of living is relatively low.

Our Values

The three of us have plenty in common and we all believe in human kindness, one of our shared goals expanding our business is to help individuals in Turkey that have come here as refugees.

Developing countries that find themselves inundated with thousands of refugees may already be struggling just to feed their own citizens.

They cannot provide much help to the multitudes who suddenly appear on their doorstep.

And the wealthier nations, faced with their own problems, may be reluctant to help support the many refugees in other countries.

As our business expands from these small beginnings we plan to keep this mission central to our core values and add to the philanthropic work we are doing in a small way at this time.

This concern for others is something we trust you will enjoy about our customer service.

Your project is treated as if it was our own and what is important to you is important to us.

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We very much look forward to working with you.